Governor Vows to Defend Texas Against Insane Imaginary Obama Invasion

Texans can now proudly say that their state not only boasts the Biggest Tacos and Tallest Beers, but a governor willing to waste tax dollars on a batshit make-believe martial law conspiracy theory. » 5/04/15 12:14pm Yesterday 12:14pm

Time Warner Cable Had a 12-Hour Wait for Customer Support on Fight Night

If you were hoping to watch the matchup between horrible man Floyd Mayweather and the less horrible Manny Pacquiao, it’s possible you had some trouble with your cable provider tonight. And if you were a Time Warner subscriber, customer support would get around to you sometime the morning after the fight. » 5/03/15 2:45am Sunday 2:45am

Internet Racists Are Pretending to Be Black Looters in Baltimore

For every human tragedy offline, there will inevitably be a group of dedicated fuckers trying to make it worse using the internet. Today’s example is the #BaltimoreLootCrew, spreading white supremacist bile and misinformation about the Freddie Gray protests. » 4/30/15 12:40pm Thursday 12:40pm

This Motel 6 Snitches to the Police About Every Single Guest

You shouldn’t expect much when you’re checking into a room at the local Motel 6, but at a bare minimum, you should expect to not be treated like a criminal. Guests at the motel chain’s Rhode Island location won’t get that luxury: their information is automatically delivered to the police. » 4/29/15 11:50am Wednesday 11:50am

The NRA Is Already Lying About What's Happening in Baltimore

Like all toxic brands, the National Rifle Association isn’t above exploiting a tragedy to spread its agenda via social media. But unlike, say, Oreos, the NRA is eager to promote gun ownership, even if it means telling a big lie about civil unrest in Baltimore. » 4/28/15 3:45pm 4/28/15 3:45pm

FBI Warned Cops to Lock Down Their Social Media After Freddie Gray's…

Two days after Baltimorean Freddie Gray died from a broken spine suffered in police custody, the FBI sent this alert to local law enforcement, warning cops against “cyber attacks” by “hacktivists.” » 4/28/15 1:54pm 4/28/15 1:54pm

CEO of Bankrupt Chain Assures All Laid Off Employees, I’ll Be Fine!

You probably never shopped at Caché, a clothing store chain that catered to the prom set, because if you did they wouldn’t be going out of business right now. The company’s hundreds of locations are all shutting down, and all its employees have to show for it is this shitty letter. » 4/27/15 3:40pm 4/27/15 3:40pm

Should Twitter's New Anti-Violence Rule Only Apply to Terrorists?

After months of criticism that Twitter’s lax abuse policies have put women at risk and allowed ISIS to flourish online, the social network just updated (and broadened) its formal abuse policy. Now, merely “promoting” violence—just plain old violence, regardless of context or reason—is enough to get your feed axed. But… » 4/22/15 4:15pm 4/22/15 4:15pm

Hi Malcolm, thanks for your time here. Are you as frustrated by State’s horribly mediocre online counterideology programming as I am? This seems worse than nothing, while the web remains a serious asset for ISIS and its supporters. » 4/22/15 12:24pm 4/22/15 12:24pm

How the Rich Get Into Ivies: Behind the Scenes of Elite Admissions

A million-dollar full-ride scholarship endowment to an Ivy League school is a good deed. But it doesn’t just earn you karma—it nets you fawning emails from the school’s development officials, customized campus tours for your kids, and private meetings with the school’s president, leaked Sony emails show.
» 4/21/15 6:05pm 4/21/15 6:05pm

Sony Demands Censorship in the Name of Free Speech

When hackers first released buckets of internal data out of Sony Pictures late last year, the company’s legal wing tried to scare both journalists and normal people away from the story. It didn’t work (unless you were an employee of the New York Times). Now Sony’s at it again, this time with the insane claim that… » 4/20/15 1:20pm 4/20/15 1:20pm

More Embarrassing Emails: The Sony Hack B-Sides

The huge, hemorrhaging Sony leak went down late last year, but even now we’re still discovering new tidbits. Since it’s now very easy and very safe to peruse the archives on your own, let’s see what we can can find together. » 4/17/15 5:00pm 4/17/15 5:00pm

WikiLeaks Put the Entire Sony Hack Online for You To Read

It was only a few months ago that one of Earth's most powerful corporations was laid low by a band of still-unidentified hackers. We pulled out the most interesting revelations, but maybe Sony's ridiculous legal threats spooked you away from sifting for yourself—now you can. » 4/16/15 2:00pm 4/16/15 2:00pm