Apple CEO Tim Cook: "I'm Proud to Be Gay"

Since he took control of Apple after the death of Steve Jobs, it feels like the only person who didn't say how Tim Cook is the most powerful gay executive in the world was Tim Cook. Today, he lets it all out. » 10/30/14 8:07am 10/30/14 8:07am

McDonald's Just Doesn't Care Anymore, About Anything, Why Bother

The Wall Street Journal says McDonald's, a store that sells toxic food and pays the people who make said food just enough money to ensure permanent poverty, has a new advertising slogan: "Lovin' Beats Hatin'"—sure, man, OK, that sounds good, why not. » 10/28/14 4:40pm 10/28/14 4:40pm

FBI: Google Employee Scammed Undergrad Into Sending Him Nude Pics

Silicon Valley mega-corps like Google often target promising young men like Nicholas Rotundo, fresh from college. And sometimes those young men are terrorizing their classmates with a nude Gmail extortion scheme. » 10/24/14 10:59am 10/24/14 10:59am

Senator Rockefeller Demands Privacy Answers from Whisper

Whisper sold itself to the world as the safest place to spill your secrets online, and it turned out that wasn't really true. Now the privacy backlash has reached so far, even this 77-year-old dude cares about it. » 10/23/14 2:30pm 10/23/14 2:30pm

Sean Parker's Wedding Was So Horrible He Has to Make an Apology App

What feels like several dozen years ago, Silicon Valley's reformed party boy and his Middle Earth bride celebrated their love (and love of nature) by shitting up part of a protected redwood forest. Now the state is making him build them an "I'm Sorry" app. » 10/22/14 3:26pm 10/22/14 3:26pm

The D-List Right-Wingers Who've Turned Gamergate Into Their Loser Army

Gamergate is substantively about nothing; ask a hundred of its angry, anonymous backers what it's fighting for, and you'll get a hundred different, zany answers. But a few internet opportunists are using the chaos to make themselves celebrities. » 10/20/14 2:08pm 10/20/14 2:08pm

The "Southern Belle" Is a Racist Fiction

Sometime between Reconstruction, this episode of MTV: True Life, and the hundred-thousandth wedding held on a plantation in South Carolina, the term Southern Belle became just another friendly identifier to put in your Twitter bio, a throwaway regional label no weightier than Cali Surfer Dude. But the difference… » 10/17/14 5:10pm 10/17/14 5:10pm

The Vogue Guide to Avoiding the NSA: $2,500 Fur Vests

Fleeing for your life is the new staycation, and no one has made it look as fabulous as adopted Muscovites Edward Snowden and his state-sanctioned girlfriend, Lindsay Mills. Vogue is offering some advice on how the leaker's lady can attract as much attention as possible. » 10/17/14 4:20pm 10/17/14 4:20pm

This Is How Whisper Is Tracking Its "Anonymous" Users

Whisper became a darling of the L.A. startup scene based on one simple premise: an app that lets you safely, anonymously share details of your life. But a new report from The Guardian shows the company has been covertly tracking the people who trust it most. » 10/16/14 12:40pm 10/16/14 12:40pm

Edward Snowden's New Life in Russian Exile Looks Better than Yours

Poor Ed Snowden, who will never again be able to enjoy the smell of the homeland, step foot in the United States to go to Dave & Busters, or sample an unlimited Olive Garden pass. Right? Actually, indefinitely holing up in Moscow sounds pretty fucking sweet. » 10/14/14 6:08pm 10/14/14 6:08pm