Are Investors Afraid of the Tech Bubble? Let's Read Their Emails

For the first time in a long time, some of venture capital's biggest names are openly worried. Sky-high valuations, easy money, and mounting burn rates are on everyone's mind (and in everyone's blog posts). But what's the private reaction? » 9/19/14 3:01pm Friday 3:01pm

TechCrunch Takes Brave Stand Against Sexism Towards Men

The internet's app release bulletin board of record is expanding into new territory: MRA editorials, straight from the dankest depths of some godforsaken subreddit. » 9/18/14 5:14pm Thursday 5:14pm

Microsoft Shutting Down Silicon Valley Research Lab Amid Layoffs

The company that brought you classics like Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 is making a move that doesn't bode well for future breakthroughs: according to canned employees, its R&D lab in Silicon Valley is closing. » 9/18/14 2:48pm Thursday 2:48pm

VC Shocked By Startups Wasting the Wasteful Money He Handed Them

Fred Wilson is a star venture capitalist, one of those check-cutting white men whose blog posts are read like tea leaves by his peers (Think Marc Andreessen with less skull and more brain). But complaining about wasteful startups wasting the excessive cash you dumped on them is a dumb look. » 9/17/14 5:25pm Wednesday 5:25pm

Peter Thiel Slams Twitter: "A lot of pot smoking going on over there"

Everyone's favorite gay libertarian hypocrite is up early this morning, and he's got big opinions: Peter Thiel just hopped on CNBC to call Twitter's executives a bunch of weed-snorting losers. » 9/17/14 9:56am Wednesday 9:56am

How to Apologize Like a Silicon Valley Dirtbag

Seth Bannon, the 28-year-old creator of an app for non-profits called Amicus, lied about going to Harvard, didn't pay taxes, lost millions of dollars of his investors' money, and alienated his friends. His apology for all this startup CEO pissery reads like a shopping list for every Valley disorder under the sun. » 9/11/14 11:15am 9/11/14 11:15am

Snapchat CEO Admits He Screwed His Friend, While Nobody Is Listening

It's a big week for legal settlements! With the entire tech and business world paying attention to new iPhones, Snapchat just issued a little press release admitting Reggie Brown did indeed help create the app. » 9/09/14 1:51pm 9/09/14 1:51pm