There year is over, let's take inventory on all this eCommerce. What was good? What was worth it? Find out here, and only here.

It's been a long year, and this thing now has mildew on it. I should probably get a new one, but replacing these things is such a pain. I give it a B+ for trying real hard to repel all that mold, no easy fate.

I put this hard drive in my PS3, which has supplied me with hours of entertainment. A+

I think I lost both of these shits, they get a "thumbs down."

What was I thinking? 2/10

I think I still have this one, keeps my iPhone a-chuggin'! 10/10!

No memory of this, 1/10

My favorite movie of the year, in highest quality video fidelity. I haven't watched it yet because no one wants to watch it again. 8/10

I played this for a couple weeks, but the graphics are so bad it started to really bum me out. 70%

I think this is plugged into an old radio, who the hell knows. These cables are shackles that bind us to lesser things. B+

I think this broke, I give it a "pass"

Buying olive oil... on the internet? Only in 2013. I give our sci-fi present a 10/10


These sound fantastic, but the swiveling cords are tricky. 8/10

These are very comfortable (and a two pack! bargain alert!) but I realized that when I wore them I started to have intense high school anxiety dreams so I ditched 'em. B-

Hasn't burst into flames, so I give this USB charger a "gold star"

Best gadget purchase in a long time. If you love to read you'll love to read on this thing. If you don't love to read, sounds like you're a real dirtbag, but this gadget is "pay dirt" so I give it an A+

I never thought a shower curtain rod could change my life, and I was right. But this thing keeps my shower curtain suspended while I shower, naked, preventing spilled water and bruised ego—don't want strangers seeing your wet naked hide while you clean up. So this thing gets an 8/10. Brushed nickle? Nice.

This thingy works very well but it reminds me of my mortality so I give it a 0/10

Jesus christ how many of these cords did I buy? Where did they all go? What a scam. 89%

As part of my new year regimen of gradual moral self-perfection, I got this gum so I would stop bothering my coworkers for gum. It tastes a little bit too much like toothpaste, and it comes in a container shaped for car cup holders, but hey, such is life. 7/10

I was going to give this to my dad for Christmas but I forgot it was in my backpack and now it's on my coffee table. Tough shit, pops. 10/10

These made my boots more comfortable but you have to cut them yourself so they'll fit in the boots... made me feel like some sort of medieval shoe peon sitting on the floor cutting food pads, but I guess we've all got problems. B

This is on a shelf in my apartment and I will probably never see it again. Two gold stars.

My friend Lindsey drew something for me, so I framed it. A+ for friendship.

This has not arrived yet.